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      • 怎么用多肉植物來設計園林綠化?
      • 本站編輯:杭州綠手指園林綠化有限公司發布日期:2018-07-25 10:18 瀏覽次數:


      The most unique place for fleshy plants and cactus is that they have water storage capacity, and meaty plants can grow well in a very low temperature and very low rainfall. They are often regarded as desert plants, but they can also be planted in coastal areas. These plants are extremely resistant to drought, various forms, rich colors and easy maintenance, and are deeply loved by gardeners. The most common cultivation method for succulent plants is potted cultivation.



      Whether you want to get better results in slice culture, or if you want the effect of individual plant cultivation, succulent plants will satisfy you. Small succulent plants can grow in clusters, while some succulent plants can grow to 3 feet tall. Some planting effects are like the aggregation of low trees. Healthy plants can produce bright flowers. In addition, these plants are suitable for planting in many styles of gardens, such as modern gardens, Mediterranean gardens, tropical gardens, Iwa Isono and so on.

      黛布拉·李·鮑德溫(Debra Lee Baldwin)用多肉植物進行的設計讓多肉植物組合盆栽的園藝變得簡單。她介紹了兩位園藝師,他們有才華且和她一樣對“負責任的植物”很有激情。

      Debra Lee Baldwin (Debra Lee Baldwin) uses the design of fleshy plants to simplify the gardening of the succulent plants. She introduced two gardeners, who are talented and, like her, are passionate about "responsible plants".

      雖然不列顛哥倫比亞的托德·霍洛威(Todd Holloway)和加利福尼亞南部的彼得·洛約拉(Peter Loyola)相距約1400英里,這兩地花園的風格相去甚遠,但是兩位設計師都使用多肉植物創造出獨特的組合盆栽。

      Although Todd Holloway (Todd Holloway) in British Columbia and Peter Loyolade (Peter Loyola) in southern California are about 1400 miles apart, the styles of the two gardens are far away, but the two designers use fleshy plants to create a unique combination of potted plants.

      托德·霍洛威在混凝土澆鑄的鳥池中挖掘了四個大的排水孔,然后將長生花、長春花和羽毛狀葉片的景天“安吉麗娜”移栽到這個種植容器中。圖片攝影:Todd Holloway

      Todd Holloway excavated four large drainage holes in the concrete cast of the bird's pool, and then transplanted the growing flowers, Changchun flowers, and featherlike leaves of the Sedum "Angelina" into the container. Photo photography: Todd Holloway



      Holloway used a metal bird pond as a container for cultivation, which was carefully designed and cultivated, and finally showed a beautiful effect. Loyola is in favor of making metal cultivation containers look rusty, which adds to the overall flavor. On the coast near San Diego, there is plenty of sunshine, but the temperature is very mild all year round. Vancouver, Canada, is slightly cooler and wetter by comparison, but Holloway is excited about the dry climate there without frostbiting delicate plants. He praised the succulent plants as "modern and plastic, and the leaves of various forms of plants can produce a contrasting, well-textured ornamental effect".


      Two horticultural divisions of Holloway and Loyola consider that succulent plants are plants with low maintenance, low water consumption, strong resistance, poor barren and attractive appearance. But which kinds of succulent plants are their favorite? Succulent plants are like designers' dreams, and they are like fashion models. They seem to be "beautiful in how they match."

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