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      • 懸空的盤中花園綠化設計
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      Holloway said, "this is the hanging garden of his plate designed by him. Plant these plants in hanging dishes; but why do we choose such containers as potted vessels? "He continues to say that succulent plants are shallow roots, so it is no problem to use such shallow containers as cultivation pots. In this potted plant, he used green locks, Sedum, longevity flower and lotus flower. Senecio scandens and Sedum Angelina can form a pendulous effect. Other succulent plants will also droop with growth. In the red plates, some changes in height and color were added, among which the plants used were Euphorbia Carthamus and green Yushu. The garden on Holloway's plate looked less plump, and one of the three plates was empty, which was specially designed to feed birds.


      Debra Lee Baldwin's design skills and inspiration



      Pot pots have many choices and can be purchased from the local nursery.


      The plant is visually filled with the entire flowerpot.


      Ensure that the succulent plants are well ventilated so as not to gather bugs, aphids and thrips on the petiole and flower buds. The prevention of insect pests can be sprinkled with 50% diluents of isopropanol.


      The Sedum and the plant are a few meaty plants that survive at a temperature of dozens of degrees Celsius, and some can even survive at lower temperatures. All succulent plants prefer coarse and well drained substrates so that the roots can not breathe and cause rotten roots.


      Succulent plants can be purchased online or directly purchased from nursery.


      Senecio and other clustered succulent plants can remain small plant type for a long time and are easy to survive.

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