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      • 用這四種花做花墻,效果一定美美的!
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      Speaking of flower walls, most of the small companions will choose vine roses as the main battle. After all, vine roses have many kinds to choose and their patterns are quite beautiful. More importantly, the roses are good to keep and guard against theft (thorns). But there are also small companions who don't like roses. So how to satisfy the wish of a flower wall? Or promise to try these kinds of flowers, it will climb all over the wall and be full of heart.


      1, the first blue snowflake



      The secret of raising blue snowflakes: big fat, big water, big sun, thin fertilizer and diligent application. Just satisfy these points, it will thrive, branch from time to time, blossom from time to time.


      Fertilizer Frequency: Fertilizer is given every time water is watered. Thinner is enough.


      Commonly used fertilizer: Cuiyun, must green + must Wang mixed together.


      Fertilizer for florescence: Cuiyun will blossom.




      The secret of raising Xiaoxiao: Xiaoxiao likes dampness and drought, but is afraid of waterlogging and Xiaoxiao likes fertilizer. In addition to adding 50g~100g bone meal or compound fertilizer of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the cultivation soil for base fertilizer, nitrogen-based fertilizer should be applied once 10-15 days after germination to promote the growth of branches and leaves, and phosphorus and potassium-based fertilizer should be applied since May to promote it. Flower buds differentiate into buds, and spray 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution on the leaves from 7 to 10 days in June to promote their bright flowers. Apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer once or twice after flowering to facilitate overwintering. Summer does not fertilize.


      timg (1).jpg


      Firecrackers like wet soil, so it is often advisable to stick to wet pot soil in growing season. In order to improve air humidity, it is necessary to spray water on branches and leaves 2-3 times a day and sprinkle water on the air around the flowerpot in dry and rainy season and hot summer. Spring into the flower bud differentiation stage, water should be less, in order to adhere to a little wet pot soil is better. In the off-season, thin pancake fertilizer is applied once every half month. Phosphorus fertilizer should be the main fertilizer after autumn, and compound fertilizer can also be applied after autumn.


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      Clematis chinensis planting characteristics: very luxuriant, vertical growth, like cool, flesh root, fear of water accumulation

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